Privacy policy

We, KIBUN FOODS SINGAPORE PTE.,LTD. ("the Company"), believe the protection of your personal information is one of our most important corporate social responsibilities. We have the Company's Personal Information Protection Policy (Privacy Policy) as our basic rules for the appropriate management of such information and maintenance of full confidentiality, and have taken steps to ensure all directors and employees are thoroughly knowledgeable of the policy and complies with its provisions and intent.

  1. Observance of related laws and regulations

    The company keeps related laws of personal information and pay attention to handling a personal information.
  2. Acquiring,utilization and offering of personal information

    In case the company acquire a personal information,the company does not acquire a personal information over the necessity and acquires by law.
  3. Control a personal information

    For preventing a leaking of personal information by invalid
    access,computer virus and etc,the company take a proper security measure.
  4. A complaint and consultation about personal information

    The company manage a complaint and consultation about their own personal information except it is too serious damage for the company business. And if customers offer to delete their own personal information, the company delete as soon as possible.
  5. A establishment and improvement of a personal information management system

    The company establish and improve a personal information management system.
  6. Contact information

    TEL : +65-6466-7887