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Fish Ball Soup Noodles (Healthy Noodle)

Fish Ball Soup Noodle Condiments

100 gram Lettuce
3 KG Fish Ball Soup Stock
30 gram Fried Pork Lard
10 gram Spring Onion (Slice)
1 pkt Healthy Noodle (Blanched for 15 sec)
30 gram Fried Shallot
300 gram Blanched Beansprout
100 gram Blanched Fish Cake (2 pcs)
120 gram Blanched Fish Ball
150 gram Blanched Marinated Minced Pork
30 gram Big Red Chilli

Fish Ball Soup Stock
5 KG Water

1 KG Blanched Pork Bone
> Steam 100C for 15 mins
> After steam , place under running water , wash the excess pork blood & strain.

50 gram Yellow Bean
5 gram Fried Flat Dried Sole Fish (Shallow Fry till Cris & Golden Brown)
Stock Seasoning
> Bring the water to boil & add all the ingredients in.
> Boil for 1hr

Fish Ball Soup - Stock Seasoning

5 gram Fried Pork lard Cooking Oil
4 gram lkan Bilis Powder/Cube
25 gram lkan Bilis (With Head)
30 gram Chicken Concentrated (Knorr)
8 gram Ve Tsin (Msg)
12 gram Salt
12 gram Rock Sugar

Marinated Minced Pork

300 gram Minced Pork
4 gram Salt
3 gram Light Soya Sauce (Lee Kum Kee)
4 gram Sesame Oil
> Mix all the ingredients in a bowl
> Marinate overnight